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Das Datum ist von der NY Times, möglicherweise die seriösere Quelle. Es gibt aber auch den 9. September 1929, während anwers.com beides anbietet und ihn dafür zum Kanadier macht. -- Harro von Wuff 00:10, 5. Sep 2006 (CEST)

There are TWO

men named Stu Phillips. The one you have written about is a music and film man.

The other is a canadian singer born January 19, 1933 in Quebec.

I suggest you check the birthdate of YOUR Stu Phillips...

Asbjørn (anordemk@online.no)

Sounds like a plausible explanation. That would make 1929 more likely, but since both of them are mixed up so often and so thoroughly, I will mention no birth date at all. Perhaps we will find out on January 19, 2008 which one of them celebrates his 75th birthday. Thanks for your comment. -- Harro von Wuff 02:38, 28. Jun. 2007 (CEST)